All You Need To Know About Bathroom Trays

A bathroom tray is one of the many bathroom accessories that help give our bathrooms a clear and organized look. They're used to arrange and organize the majority of the items lying on the countertops. But this is not their only function; they also play a key role in setting up the tone and the theme of your bathroom.

You can choose them in accordance with the theme you want to set for your bathroom. These are just some of the many designs and types of bathroom trays that you can choose from:



  1. 1. Silver Trays:

Silver trays are the best fit for whatever theme you choose for your bathroom. You can choose the shape and size of the tray based on your taste and the number of items you will be arranging on the tray. Silver trays give a classic look to your bathroom.


  1. 2. Wooden Trays:

If you are passionate about wooden products be it furniture or mere decoration pieces then this is the item for you. You can not only get the simple wooden trays but also the ones with a woody texture. Moreover, there some extremely good wood-crafted masterpieces out there in the markets that will bring your bathroom's décor to a whole new level.


  1. Leather Trays:

For people with an undying love for leather, this is the best option. These trays give off sophisticated vibes and are quite easy on the eyes. Leather trays are classic, beautiful, and tend to stand out in whatever environment you place them in.


  1. Mirror Trays:

Mirror Bathroom trays are made of mirrored glass which goes extremely well with a lighter theme. If used to arrange glass jars of varying colors, it could even result in creating beautiful light effects and improve one’s mood.


  1. Plastic Trays:

Plastic bathroom trays aren't any less impressive than the other kinds. You can get them in various colors, designs, and sizes. They will fit right into whatever theme you’ve chosen and they might not even cost as much as the other kinds of trays. 


  1. Pewter Trays:

They will provide your bathroom with a vintage and classic look. You can get them in any shape or size. They’re fairly lighter in weight than other metals or alloys. An antique pewter tray might just be the best fit for you.


  1. Python Patterned Trays:

These are for those with a taste for all things exotic. Just as the name suggests, these bathroom trays are designed to resemble the unique and exotic pattern of the snake’s skin. They could be available in different colors or shapes but the patterns are the only constant in their design. These trays could add an exotic touch to your bathroom décor.


  1. Multilevel Trays:

Multilevel trays are actually just a set of multiple trays arranged one over the other with sufficient gaps between them to provide more storage space without taking up much of the space on the counter themselves. The trays are connected in a single frame like a multilayered basket. They are an excellent choice for a bathroom with too many products and items to arrange. Multilevel trays can be of any shape, i.e., round, oval, square or rectangular, etc. 



Bathroom trays not only keep your bathroom organized but also add a unique touch to it. You can get them in any design and even have them customized to meet your tastes with a little touch of DIY.

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